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Vet Care for Tacoma

Union Avenue Veterinary Hospital Offers Vet Care in Tacoma

As an experienced veterinarian in Tacoma with a fully equipped animal hospital, we have the ability to provide routine and emergency pet care services. Choosing Union Avenue Veterinary Hospital as your veterinarian of choice gives you access to the best diagnostics, surgery, and more to help your pet stay healthy and thrive.

vet care for tacoma

Our Wide Offerings of Pet Care Services

At Union Avenue Veterinary Hospital, we have the know-how and equipment to keep pets healthy with comprehensive preventive care, fast and accurate diagnostic and routine surgery, and emergency procedures. We’ll discuss our most requested services here.

Wellness Exams and Preventive Care

The first and most important step in taking good care of your pets is to schedule routine wellness exams. This allows our vet to fully assess their current state of health and administer any treatments they might need. We will give them a full physical exam where the veterinarian looks through their fur to detect parasites and any abrasions or scaly patches on the skin. The inspection allows us to see if there are any indications of abnormal growths, areas of discomfort or pain, and any deformities or mobility issues.

During the visit, we’ll ask you questions about any changes in behavior, their eating habits, sleep changes, or differences in their routine activity levels. This lets you tell us about anything that might be causing you concerns. If your pet is due for any vaccinations or needs pest control treatment, your animal will receive them at this time.

Our Vet’s Diagnostics

We are proud to offer in-house diagnostics so we can find quick results concerning how your pet’s body is doing internally. Our diagnostics abilities include:

    • X-Rays

    • Ultrasound

    • Blood Tests

    • Chemistry Panels

    • CBC

    • Microscope and Cytology

    • Urinalysis

Surgical Procedures

Some of our most common surgeries are spaying and neutering and non-benign cyst removals. We can assist with broken bones and joints and dental extractions. More complex procedures we can perform include:

    • Skin Abscesses or Lacerations

    • Internal Bleeding

    • Torn or ACL Ruptures

    • Bladder Stones or Urethral Blockages

    • Intestinal Obstructions

    • Mass or Tumor Removals

    • Malignant Skin Tumors

Our operating room has all the anesthetic and monitoring necessary. This includes oxygen, ECG, blood pressure, and pulse oximeter monitors.

Our Animal Hospital Provides Urgent Care

Pets often have unexpected incidents that require urgent care, and we are ready to handle whatever they need. Our mission is to give you a fast diagnosis and take immediate action to resolve the issue and get your pet on the road to recovery.

Contact Our Veterinarian in Tacoma, WA

Are you looking for a veterinarian near you? In a time of emergency or when you need routine vet care or preventive services, we’re here to provide it. Give our animal hospital a call today at 253-383-2616 or schedule an appointment online.

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