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Meet the Team

Meet the Team...  We are all pet lovers willing to share what we know and have learned

Meet Our Skilled Team

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  • Dr. Schendel
    Dr. Schendel

    Dr. Schendel is a 2007 graduate from Washington State University. She has extensive experience in general practice and emergency medicine and is most passionate about dentistry, feline medicine, and emergency medicine. She really enjoys building long-term relationships with clients and helping promote good quality of life for their pets. Outside of work, Dr. Schendel spends her time with her husband and her daughter along with their two cats and dog.   

  • Dr. Hart
    Dr. Hart

    Dr. Hart was born and raised in western Washington and graduated with her Bachelor of Science from Washington State University in 2009. At that time she entered the veterinary field and discovered an unwavering passion for veterinary medicine. She graduated from Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine in 2017 and returned to the Pacific Northwest to continue her veterinary career. Some of her special interests include preventative medicine, dentistry, dermatology, and hospice care. She embodies a Fear Free approach to medicine and advocates for her patients to have an excellent quality of life. Outside of work you'll find Dr. Hart participating in a wide variety of outdoor hobbies, traveling, or getting in touch with her artistic side. She also loves to spend her spare time cuddling her old dog Maddie and sassy cat Emmy.

  • Dr. Mann
    Dr. Mann

    Dr. Sandeep Mann was raised on country side farm. His passion for care and wellbeing of animals motived him to earn Bachelors of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Husbandry from Punjab Agriculture University. Dr. Mann moved to Vancouver B.C. and has worked as general practitioner at an AAHA accredited hospital. He has experience in dentistry, surgery, preventative care, emergency medicine. In his spare time, he loves biking, cooking, and spending time with his kids and his dog Bella.

  • Dr. Oleh Plevinskyi
    Dr. Plevinskyi


  • jesse
    Practice Manager

    Jesse is fairly new to the PNW. Having lived in California since 2008, he is excited to live with more rain, more forests, and call Tacoma home. He has worked in the field for 8 years, as well as many other years of management. He loves to hike, take his dog Ein to new places, and binging Netflix.

  • rayna
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Rayna's household currently has 6 doggos and 11 cats. She has worked in this field for 22 years and has been in Washington for 10 of those. She loves taking care of animals and has done it for half her life. She loves to travel and camp out around lakes, while enjoying taking the dogs to the river. She loves the beach and warm weather as well.

  • steph
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Stephanie loves exploring with her dog, Henry Jones Jr, anywhere her Jeep and legs will take them!

  • Cailee
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Cailee likes to read, bake, and spend time with her friends and family in her free time. She has three amazing cats: Evie, Max and Sirius.

  • brittany
    Licensed Veterinary Technician

    Brittany has been an RVT since 2021. Her and her husband have been married since 2019 and had their baby in 2023. Her animals are Jynx the lab, Deino the cockatiel, and Vulcan the corn snake. If she's not working with animals she's probably creating them with yarn by crocheting!

  • val
    Licensed Veterinary Technician


  • ryn
    Lead Veterinary Assistant

    Ryn has been a vet assistant for about 5 years and has worked in both general practice and emergency. She has four dogs, two cats, and several fish tanks.  She loves exploring the PNW with her canine companions by her side. She also is passionate about fostering bottle-fed kittens, crocheting, painting, and geocaching.

  • Faith
    Lead Veterinary Assistant

    Faith has been in the vet world since 2020. She owns a dog named Mocha, a cat named Yuri, and a bearded dragon named Natsu. Her hobbies include hiking, snow boarding, and anything nature has to offer.

  • rose
    Customer Service Coordinator

    Rose has been working with animals for over 16 years, either as an assistant or as a receptionist. She has two dogs and six cats. She enjoys being in the sun, traveling, camping and hiking, when she's not at work caring for your pets.

  • .
    Veterinary Assistant

    Nicole loves that everyday brings a new challenge and experience.  Nicole loves the sun and is always willing to volunteer for outside duty when it is warm. 

  • kat
    Veterinary Assistant


  • makayla
    Veterinary Assistant

    Makayla has been a vet assistant for 6 years and has worked in general practice, urgent care, and ER. She has 2 dogs and 2 cats, all 4 are rescue animals. In her free time she is normally hanging out at home with her pets or on small random adventures with her partner. 

  • Sam
    Veterinary Assistant

    Samantha has been a vet assistant for about 3 years now.  She has a few fish, 2 cats, a dog, 2 leo's and a ball python along with a 10yr old. Samantha loves to go camping or do anything outdoors when the weather is nice.  Before becoming a vet assistant, Samantha volunteered with Whisker Tails and Ferrals in CA.

  • Jen
    Veterinary Assistant

    Jen was born and raised in the PNW. She has two amazing children, two dogs, two cats, and her kiddos have three hamsters, and three Guinea pigs between them. She’s been in the veterinary field for over 18 years now and have experience in both General Practice and ER practice and loves what she does. In her free time, she loves to visit and explore new places with her family. 

  • britt
    Veterinary Assistant

    Britt has been working with animals as an assistant for 5 years. She shares her house with three cats, a German Shepherd, and her husband. During her free time, she loves diving into video games, watching anime with her husband or venturing out to explore the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

  • Sophie
    Veterinary Assistant

    Sophie has been working in the vet field since 2020. She has 2 dogs and 4 cats. She loves art and loves collecting local art. Her most interesting hobby is whittling. 

  • heavenlee
    Client Service Representative

    With a passion for animals and art, HeavenLee spends her free time either cuddling her pups or doodling or both!

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