Purpose Statement:

The veterinarian-client-patient relationship (VCPR) is the basis for interaction among veterinarians, their clients, and their patients.  This policy is intended to clarify this issue.


Policy Statement:

1.  The veterinarian has assumed responsibility for making clinical judgments regarding the health of the animal(s) and the need for medical treatment, and the client has agreed to follow the veterinarian’s instructions.


2.  The veterinarian has sufficient knowledge of the animal(s) to initiate at least a general or preliminary diagnosis of the medical condition of the animal(s).  This means the veterinarian has seen the animal(s) within the last year and is personally acquainted with the keeping and care of the animal(s) by virtue of an examination of the animal(s), or by medically appropriate and timely visits to the premises where the animal(s) are kept.  Medical records must be maintained.


The veterinarian is readily available, or has arranged for emergency coverage (Pierce County Animal Emergency), for follow-up evaluation in the event of adverse reactions or the failure of the treatment regimen.


Dispensing or prescribing a prescription product requires a VCPR.  Veterinarians should honor a client’s request for prescription in lieu of dispensing.  Without a valid VCPR, veterinarians merchandising or use of veterinary prescription drugs or their extra-label use of any pharmaceutical is unethical and is illegal under federal law.

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